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European Projects Association presents the project "Talented Europe", co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of European Union.

The Erasmus Plus ‘Talented Europe’ project addresses two flagship initiatives of the ‘Europe 2020’ Strategy, namely Youth on the Move and the Agenda for New Skills and Jobs. It is a mechanism for connecting students with employers and vice versa across Europe with a view to identify, provide and facilitate career and internship opportunities.



The project involves 5 partners from Belgium, Spain, Slovakia and United Kingdom, selected according to their expertise and their experience in participating in programmes financed by the European Union.

European Projects Association Asbl

Centro integrado de formación profesional Cesar Manrique

Technical University Kosice

University of Bedfordshire

IES Puerto de la Cruz –Telesforo bravo




The objective of the project is to facilitate transnational movements of young people in the context of a better labour market integration and better mobility to reach EU employment headline targets. Besides that, the aim of the project is to create a virtual meeting point where graduates and enterprises could share ideas and collaborate to find business opportunities, to improve the entrepreneurship education and social entrepreneurship among young people.

The project will consist in linking young talented students, regardless of their academic or geographic origins, to employers across Europe.


How does it work?

There are three key stakeholders; students, employers, and universities/colleges. The students want the opportunities to find a job, the employers want the pick of the best students and the universities and colleges want their best students to do well. They can play a major quality control role in assessing and nominating their top talent to provide both reassurance for employers and motivation for students to do well.

The tool used in this project is a multiplatform mobile application which has a large database of the 3 stakeholders. It provides the contact information about the talented students as e.g. their ranks, skills, language to the employers. In this way, the employers will easily get the access to this information and they will be able to select the best candidate. The application is free and available for all kinds of mobile devices.

With everything moving online and the rise and rise of mobile, the Talented Europe app will fit student behaviour patterns and provide instant access to a large database of vocational opportunities via tailored ‘apps’. For employers, the job of finding talented students for either short or long-term opportunities is made so much easier, with a large talent pool to examine. Universities can address vocational aims and position their talented students among the best in Europe.


For Students

A ‘job dating app’ of the best internship or job opportunities in Europe

For Employers

Easy access to a broad talent pool of the best students across Europe

For Teachers

Vocational internship and job opportunities across Europe for their best students.

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