ETHICSBOARD: Teaching ethical principles and sustainable entrepreneurship at schools and at their related communities

Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: KA 2 - Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Field: Strategic Partnerships for school education
Project is funded by::
Start/End Date: – 30.09.2019.
Duration of the project: 24 months
Project leader: National And Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA) - School of Education Faculty of Primary Education, (Greece),


ETHICSBOARD project aims to promote a new culture of entrepreneurship and skills in School Education in Europe and to prevent unemployment and social exclusion of young people.

The main scope is to address the identified challenges and opportunities related to entrepreneurship in school education.

This project will enable students to develop and promote entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurial skills and Portfolios, ensure the benefits of an early childhood education, help develop critical and innovative thinking, and above all improve collaboration between schools and parents’ association.

Target groups

  • Students and Teachers of Primary Schools including ones active in special education
  • Parents’ Associations
  • Associations of people with disabilities


  • Develop and promote entrepreneurship education based on codes of ethics and advance from the early age, the sense of individual responsibility and social inclusion principles.
  • Foster students to familiarize with general laws, rules and social concepts such as inclusion, diversity, equality, gender-balance and non-discrimination under which a healthy business must operate
  • Develop elementary entrepreneurship skills based on ethical values in education by using innovative and learner-centered pedagogical approaches in entrepreneurship
  • Improve collaboration between schools and parents’ associations in order to jointly form good and ethical role models for the children


  • Carry out a needs analysis as a basis for developing the project plan, implementation (including a training program and learning materials).
  • Design and Development of Training Curriculum on ethics and entrepreneurship specifically for primary and secondary school education.
  • Design and Development of Ethics & Entrepreneurship (E&E) Portfolios that will follow an individual throughout their school education and will list each student’s ethical and entrepreneurship achievements and activities.
  • Design and Development of a good practice handbook that will include achievements made in the project and the benefits gained by the involved stakeholders in project activities.
  • Design and Development of the eLearning Course and Platform supported with suitable ICT tools appropriate for joint remote teaching and learning activities on ethics and entrepreneurship.
  • Policy Recommendations on teaching ethics and entrepreneurship in school education.
  • Creation of an Ethics and Entrepreneurship in school education observatory (Web based)
  • Pilot testing of training course via f2f and virtual learning
  • Organization of two short-term mobility for teachers and pupils
  • Organization of one European conference at European Parliament
  • Multiplier seminars/workshops one per country for disseminating project results to relevant stakeholders.
  • Project Management and Quality Assurance

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