European Horizons of 1917 – its significance and lessons learned

Programme: Europe for Citizens
Key Action: Strand1: European Remembrance
Field: Commemoration of major historical turning points in recent European history
Project is funded by::
Start/End Date: 01.08.2017 – 01.08.2018
Duration of the project: 12 months
Project leader: Center for Democratic Transition - CDT (Montenegro)

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“European Horizons of 1917 – its significance and lessons learned” is aimed at raising awareness of the Western Balkans and the EU citizens as well as contributing to citizens' understanding of the Union, its history and diversity through a commemoration of one of the major historical turning points in recent European history – social and political revolutions, the fall of empires and their impact on Europe's political and historical landscape during 1917. A set of thematic public debates will be held in historically important local communities, in addition to raising awareness campaigns, a thematic exhibition and the production of a TV documentary with historians, researchers, activists and journalists as contributors. All these activities will impact on more than 20.000 citizens in seven respective countries.

Target groups

  • Civil society
  • Local municipalities
  • Professionals and activists (historians, researchers, journalists)


  • Contribute to citizens’ understanding of the Union, its history and diversity;
  • Raise awareness of remembrance, common history and values;
  • Develop international cooperation and intercultural dialogue in order to promote mutual understanding, peaceful coexistence and reduce destructive narratives;


  • Preparatory meeting for defining role, responsibilities and the implementation of actions;
  • Coordination of nine public citizens debates in seven countries;
  • Organization of International raising awareness campaigns through development and distribution of promo and educational material plus social media management;
  • Setting up of a four-day networking for a group of 60 civil activists, historians and journalists;
  • Creation of a photo exhibition to inform and remind on the significance of 1971’s actions for our civilization;
  • Organization of five movie nights addressed to University students.

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  • Report of activities

    The project « European Horizons of 1917 – its significance and lessons learned » was funded with the support of the European Union under the Programme "Europe for Citizens"

  • Documentary film: "Borba Mare Bogdanove"

      CDT, the lead partner of the project, in collaboration with Media Solution, produced a documentary film "Borba Mare Bogdanove" as part of “Europe for Citizens” cofounded project named “European Horizons of 1917- Its significance and Lessons Learned”. The history of the Partisan Illegal from Cetinje, we learned about Nebojša Bata Tomašević, reading the book "Orlov krš". She has lived I and was a character in the history of the Montenegrin women of that time. This story shows us how new generations of rights and freedoms that were conquered 70 years ago allow European Citizens to enjoy it nowadays.

  • Raising awareness about the project on the Street!

    The face-to-face campaign was essentially developed through the awareness days we organized spreading the word on the street. A total of 3 days (February 20th and March 05-06th)  were organized by our team that has, for example, a stand in a Brussels street with the distribution of flyers and gadgets provided by CDT. This allowed us to distribute information about the project and its historical challenges to more than 300 people and to initiate conversations about the project’ concerns with most of them. Two other events of this kind are planned for September and October 2018. An EVS meeting is also planned at the end of August to raise awareness about the project and the promotion of the movie made by CDT.

  • European Networking Days

        EPA's Secretary General Frédéric Fabre and project assistant Xhulio Kreci attended the final conference of "European Horizon of 1917 - its significance and lessons learned" on 27-30th November in Podgorica. This conference was a perfect opportunity for all 7 partnering countries to discuss memories of war and societal challeges within the European culture in the past 100 years As part of “Europe for Citizens” cofounded project named “European Horizons of 1917-Importance and Lessons Learned”, implemented from 7 European and Balkan countries, aimed to recall how the past events related with 1917 triggered the creation of many fundamental European values. This very conference was organized to guide the participants to a deeper understanding of the value of peace and the European Union which for over 70 years has prevented the creation of new armed conflicts.  

  • Conference – Debate « Paula Deetjen, photography and art exhibition in 1917»

    As a lingering memory of the First World War, on the 15th November 2017, an event composed of three different parts, photo exhibition, conference, and a debate has been organized by “European Projects Association” in collaboration with the “Royal Institute of Cultural Heritage (KIK-IRPA)”. This very Conference – Debate « Paula Deetjen, photography and art exhibition in 1917 » intended to merge elements such as art, photography, and gender equality. The conference did not only focus on already mentioned three elements but also on an international view regarding German occupation affecting Belgian art and heritage.

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