ISSE- Improving Skills of Social Entrepreneurs

Programme: Erasmus +
Key Action: KA2-Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices
Field: Strategic Partnerships in Adult Education
Project is funded by::
Start/End Date: 01.09.2018 – 31.08.2020
Duration of the project: 24 months
Project leader: Fundacion De La Comunidad Valenciana Del Pacto Para El Empleo En La Ciudad De Valencia (FCVPE), Spain


ISSE project aims to increase the visibility of social entrepreneurship by developing tools for new social entrepreneurs to enable them to professionalize their profile and support them to make their businesses sustainable in the future, with the added value of promoting these ideals among the adult population.

This project will make adults people better understand the social economy sector and will support them by strengthening their managerial skills, professionalism and networking opportunities.

 Target groups

  • Unemployed adults people
  • Social entrepreneurs and mentors
  • Social economy enterprises


  • Raise awareness of the social economy by increasing the knowledge, skills and abilities of stakeholders to support new social entrepreneurs;
  • Promote and support social entrepreneurship at local and European level;
  • Promote leadership by focusing on the concept of social entrepreneurship with specific attention to business skills, leadership and management, need and problem analysis and financing
  • Promote social entrepreneurship initiatives among adults by analyzing the changes taking place in their own countries and communities and inspiring them to consider self-employment as a career option;
  • Provide social entrepreneurs with access to training, mentoring and financing opportunities;
  • Increase the inclusion of disadvantaged categories by promoting social enterprise;
  • Create a strong and sustainable network of associated partners.


  • Define skills and desirable social and civic competences of the social entrepreneurs
  • Design and Development of Training course for social entrepreneurs that aims to improve skills and abilities necessary to start a social economy project
  • Design and Development of Training course for mentors to improve the quality of their support for social economy entrepreneurs.
  • Design and Diffusion of the practical guide How to create a social enterprise step by step? that will contain the steps to follow and the details to be taken into account when creating a social economy company. It will also contain a set of resources to address to consolidate a social economy project.
  • Design and Development of a Virtual social entrepreneurship incubator that will contain a business plan oriented to the social economy to be completed by users and a space that will serve as a virtual platform to support social entrepreneurs through a mentoring process.
  • Multiplier seminars/workshops one per country in order to present the results at the local level, seeking the greatest possible impact.
  • Final event to be held in Brussels at the end of the project, as it closes.
  • Project Management and Quality Assurance

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